DTM Development, Ltd. and David Niemotko Architects, P.C. was selected as the lowest priced, most qualified bidder for this design/build project which consisted of the construction of a new, 1 ½ story, 10,000 square foot, brick building with substantial development to the 1 ½ acre site. The garage is designed to accommodate six ambulances, explosion resistant storage, offices, a mezzanine and a de-contamination room. Many of the garage rooms are constructed with fire rated partitions / ceilings and the concrete slab is epoxy coated. The remaining portions of the building are designed to include a multi-purpose room, kitchen, offices, mechanical room, bathrooms, an egress stair enclosure and a vertical conveyor. The mechanical systems for the garage include a radiant floor heating system and a make-up” air system, while the remaining portions of the building have a forced air system for heating and cooling. The entire building, including the attic, is protected with a sprinkler system. Site development included underground trenching and “street opening” procedures for the gas, electric and water services to the building, a parking lot area, detention basin, site lighting, fencing and landscaping. Regulatory permitting involved the Building Department and Department of Public Works, with bank inspections and local utility company coordination. DTM Development was able to adhere to the client’s time constraints and budget stipulations for this project.

Services provided:
Value engineering/ Cost analysis
General Contracting/ Construction Management




David Niemotko was selected as the project manager for the first phase of this construction project, which included two, 20,000 square feet (in total), Nursing Home Care Unit buildings. These two-story, steel frame buildings consist of new patient rooms, ADA compliant bathrooms, and medical stations, which connect to existing buildings. The exterior walls were constructed with brick and concrete block, with aluminum framed windows and pre-cast concrete sills. The metal stud roof system has rigid insulation and roof shingles. The concrete foundation system involved “deep” excavation to align with the existing building’s foundation. The mechanical systems include forced air for heating and cooling, sprinklers and plumbing to each of the rooms.

Services Provided:
General Contracting



David Niemotko was selected as the project manager for the second phase of this project, which included a new “Multi-Purpose” building and exterior “corridors” connecting the two phases. The new brick and concrete block “Multi-Purpose” building has a steel frame structure, while the exterior “corridor” buildings are constructed utilizing metal stud exterior walls with clapboard siding, and metal stud frame roof with shingles.

Services Provided:
General Contracting

Both projects were completed on time in accordance with the contract schedule.