Historic Rehabilitation


David Niemotko Architects PC designed the renovation of a 1920s barn into a new daycare center.
The barn’s post and beam construction was highlighted while complying with the NYS Building Code and the NYS Office of Child Care Regulations. The project included upgraded framing/shoring and new bathrooms, offices, HVAC systems, foam and batt insulation and drywall. The existing wood plank floors were maintained. We also performed the site design plans and details, including parking, a playground area, plantings, paving and Planning Board presentation.

Service provided:
Site Design
Planning Board Application
General Construction of portions of the project



David Niemotko Architects P.C. has renovated and restored portions of 167 and 169 Stage Road in compliance with the National Park Service Guidelines and Regulations. Renovations have brought new life to these structures without compromising their historic status. Both locations have been added to the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. 167 Stage is the main location of David Niemotko Architects P.C. as well as a restored piece of local history.

Service provided:
Planning Board Application
General Construction

Stage Road Stage Road



In 1923, The Adult Home Residence at Rest Haven began to operate from one of the most beautiful homes in Monroe. Rest Haven welcomed and supported blind women for 45 years, and at one point was supervised by Helen Keller.

Rest Haven will continue its proud legacy thanks to the efforts of Preservation of Rest Haven. The existing fireplaces, chimneys, grand stairs, handrails, and other interior details were restored in a way that is harmonious with the architecture style of the 1920s.

Service provided:
Existing Condition Plans
Architectural Plans
Building Code Review and Upgrade recommendations

Rest Haven Rest Haven Rest Haven